JC7 Custom Handmade Artistic Mirror Titled (Metamorphosys)
JC7 Custom Handmade Artistic Mirror Titled (Metamorphosys) Enjoy This Custom Handmade Artistic Mirror Of Imagination Created By Josipa Camber Titled ( Metamorphosys ) Measuring 43" by 24"

The most sublime among materials and the only one that turns fire into ice, glass has for thousands of years drawn our attention with the same intensity on its infinite possibilities of coloristic and spatial experiences in the interspace of the real and the imaginary.

The long discovered beauty of light and the world of forms viewed reflecting on transparent glass surfaces often stays beyond the reach of our mind and often as a result contributes to the characteristic of mystery with intriguing qualities. This mystic quality is clearly seen in front of a mirror which has been given varied characteristics of magical and ritualistic symbolics. Perhaps these are the reasons for only a few gifted contemporary artists have even tried to design mirrors in a new way. The works of Josipa Camber deserves our attention for she has bravely embraced the challenge of shaping specific and very demanding functional and decorative objects creating stunning functional works of art. It is obvious that Josipa Camber does not limit the design of her work to the traditional interior design qualities of furniture, but instead experiments with forms and redefines their traditional perception and their original primal intention. Instead of the common square, oval or round mirrors situated inside traditionally made frames, in which we are accustom to seeing the world from within this limited traditional box that confines an artist and the possibilities for creativity. The impression in front of Josipa Camber’s mirrors are well outside the traditional box that confines design and becomes a totally different experience. When viewing Josipa Camber’s mirrors it is hard to distinguish line between decoration and function, expression and reflection, fullness and emptiness, exterior and interior, positive and negative, object and its context, the real and imaginary…

The silhouette that one adds while viewing Josipa Camber’s mirrors adds to the metamorphoses of forms and are blended into each other like in a game based on the contrasts of material and the texture of the crystal glass and the combination of exotic noble woods such as African mahogany and its exotic natural feature corresponds with the names “Ayous” and “Sapeli”. Color and line of stylized motives is from zoomorphic to the birds, swans and gryphons resembling a scene from the medieval beastiary.

While viewing Josipa Camber’s mirrors you will also experience arabesque floral motives of blossoming flaming forms and anthropomorphic features. Their origins are in the authentic reshaping of the world of nature as well as in the search for the organic, fantastic, mystic and instinctive characteristics. Therefore it is not without reason that the most eminent role among them is of female figures. The lines that one views in the female figure is a symbol of legendary artistic creative forms, glass and wood prove to be an ideal medium to express this symbol of creativity.

Linearism has the meaning of a omnipresent symbol. The softness of the forms and the rounded relief on the surfaces skillfully carved into the exotic noble woods used in the creation of these works of art are even more emphasized by infusing colorization to the exotic noble woods color spectrum using greens, blues, golden browns or perhaps oranges. The creation of each piece is a series of process in which each stage is equally important. The original idea and its articulation to the outcome that unites imagination and sensibility with decorativeness as well as with specific, ritualized and sensualized interpretations of forms and space.

Using a combination of glass and wood creating a harmonized metamorphosis of shapes in the mirrors of Josipa Camber create unity with structure and unique decorative qualities radiating with sensibility to form and artistic richness. Decorativism in not only a means for gaining superficial effects but comes from the art of forming a variety of materials in order to create a new form of unity. In other words: the decoration does not follow the form but is within itself formed at the level of a recognizable sign. The basic artistic meaning in this case represents the everlasting fascination with the beauty of nature which is at the same time one of the constants and the greatest challenges of the history of design in the twentieth century.

Embrace and reward Josipa Camber for her efforts creating these stunning unique mirrors of art.
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May 25, 2015
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